Construction Maeconomics Conference 2014

“CLAIM IT “ – effective defect management solution during construction

Václav Snížek


This paper addresses the issue of defect management in building construction and efficient removal of defects, backlogs and client changes to the project.

Introductory part of the paper opens to the reader the issue of Defect Management in construction which includes the basic characterisitcs of defects in building construction. A separate part is dedicated to the problem of backlogs and claims.   

The aim of this paper is to show the proposed solution in the form of software named ''Claim it'' which is formed by a combination of mobile software application for smartphones and a web application that is accessible from a computer. The user therefore has the possibillity to record defects and backlogs to the actual plan at the construction site while further processing can be done later from the office. This paper also includes a chapter devoted to the system's methodology, including a record of independent events and communication  scheme between the investor and contractor in defect removal, backlogs and claim management.

The main contribution of this paper is to present the software ''Claim it'' as a comprehensive and effective tool in Defect Management for building construction.


backlog; claim; construction; Defect Management; Lean Management


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