Construction Maeconomics Conference 2014

Smart cities - Pilot Project Smart Prague

Michal Rohlena, Jana Frkova


The capital city of Prague has put forward its own concept of development called SMART PRAGUE 2014 - 2020. It concerns a long-term concept of economic,technologically effective and sustainable development supported by the use of sophisticated and integrated data.In order to designate targets in the area of SMART infrastructure there was carried out a case study involving a sample of 20 buildings in the city. Sources of energy were identified and current patterns of energy consumption were worked out and analysed. This enabled the proposal and evaluation of measures leading not only to reduction of energy demand but also to improvement in the quality of the internal environment.The contribution has the purpose of making known the results of this case-study in which the Faculty of Civil Engineering was a participant.


Maximum length of the abstract is 300 words and must not be exceeded. It is highly advised there should be only one paragraph in the abstract, but it is possible to use more paragraphs.


smart cities; Prague; primary energy; cost

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