Construction Maeconomics Conference 2014

The Survey on Risk Awareness During The Implementation Process of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the Czech Construction Market

Petr Matějka


The research presented in this paper deals with the survey, aimed at young civil engineers in Czech Republic and their awareness concerning Building Information Modeling (BIM) and risk management related topics. The survey questionaire was created and presented to large amount of respondents. They answered few basic questions about possible connection of BIM with risk management in a construction company and they helped to identify some of the most important impacts of BIM implementation on hazards and chances (threads and opportunities) in construction business. Paper presents the first results of this research, which shows the importance of BIM for risk management and the importance of risk analysis of BIM processess during the implementation of BIM in the Czech construction market.


BIM; Building Information Modeling; risk; risk management; survey

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