Construction Maeconomics Conference 2014

Project Partnering - alternative way of doing business

Ing. Harry Löwit


There is a plenty of alternative procurement systems on today’s construction market. This procurement systems  have currently received a lot of attention, especially on the Czech construction market. The whole process of the selection of the contractor is affected by the needs of the owner and the abilities of the potential contractor. In many cases, the owner is deprived of the possibility to elect the optimal contractor system losing its potential advantages and possibly accepting more risks than necessary. Consequently it may result in growing costs and time of the realization. The project partnering is not a new way of doing business in civil engineering, but an alternative procurement system. Project partnering procurement system is based on establishing a climate of goodwill and fair dealing between the parties. It builds a relationship of trust and teamwork over the project, that results into everyone's benefit and succesfull completation of the project. If project partnering works properly, it could be very useful procurement system on the Czech construction market.



construction project ; procurement systems ; project partnering

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