Construction Maeconomics Conference 2014

Business value of bim and certification system analysis

Ing. Marie Franková


Today there is a great pressure from the government, the European Union, to deal with the issue of sustainable development, emission reduction, increase of utilization of renewable resources, reduction of operating costs, etc. It is perhaps why certification of green buildings has become an increasingly used concept in the last two years. This evaluation of quality of buildings in terms of environment-friendliness and sustainability is important in particular for environmental, economic and social sectors. One can say that ever more investors throughout the world perceive the certification as a good investment, or at least a satisfactory appreciation of money and a method of modern construction defining the sustainability principles.

Great emphasis is nowadays placed on the design of the building in accordance with BIM, which connects different fields into one single project. BIM helps organize all phases of the life cycle of the building. This allows better financial planning aspects of the project and reduce costs during operation. And the financial aspect is the main thing that any investor interested in, besides other benefits. Therefore, business value of BIM or certification systems should be for every investor to know in advance what bring him this decision.

With the help of data provided by the British construction company Skanska UK, which has been implemented many projects in BIM, it was created analysis of business value of BIM (BIM benefits) for non-BIM projects, low-BIM and high-BIM . It was used KPI system fot this analysis. The results of the analysis showed that BIM benefits depend on the degree of integration of BIM elements into the project. In the case of non-BIM or low-BIM there is even a risk of loss. The study should also prove or disprove the applicability of the green building certification systems to determine their value and benefits.


Building Information Modeling (BIM);

Certification systems;

Key Performance indicator (KPI);


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