Construction Maeconomics Conference 2014

Price and quality construction

Ing. Markéta Frančíková


The work focuses on effective cooperation and communication people of the whole construction process. The theme concerns the methodology of building information modeling (BIM), which represents better communication in the construction industry from the beginning of the project, presents higher efficiency, saving money and higher quality of construction work. The work focuses on the quality of works and their impact on the cost of construction – minimum offer price may not always be the best solution. The aim is to confirm or refute the stated assumption – 80% of investors decide the lowest price when choosing a building contractor. The processing is used empirical method - survey. Investors were divided into two groups so that the research results are objective and representative. The first group were the investors, who have more experience with construction contracts, for example city, state organizations. The second group were the investors who have less experience with construction contracts, for example housing associations and community. The result was that the hypothesis was refuted. It is interesting that  both groups of investors have different results. Investors who have more experience with construction contracts, gave more importance to price.



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