Construction Maeconomics Conference 2014

Public governance in the field of CSR

Ing. Ivana Dvořáková


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been recently connected only with the private sector. In modern times is the effort to introduce CSR also into public institutions. In public administration, this concept is controlled by socially responsible procurement as a tool for the consideration of selected social issues and current purchases of goods and services (employment for disadvantaged people, support of education, but also the purchase of environmentally friendly products, fair trade products, etc.). Fair trade is a way of ethical business with small farmers in developing countries and promote sustainability of the Third World countries. Environmentally friendly products and services are in the course of its life cycle proven to be friendlier to the environment and the health of the consumer. Their quality remains at a very high level. The result is a relief for the environment and socially responsible behavior that operates positively across the company and is always taken with confidence by citizens. Very popular is also the field of the corporate volunteering. It gives an opportunity to accept assistance in solving actual problems.


Corporate social responsibility, Public governance, Fair trade, disadvantaged people, corporate volunteering


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