Construction Maeconomics Conference 2014


Ondřej Drnek


The task of this work is to demonstrate risk management techniques in the real construction

project. Stakeholder identification, risk identification, risk assessment and risk control play

the key role to achieve projects goals successfully and on time. Therefore, risk management

plays very important role as well such as covering all organizational objectives and missions

which are considered in operational projects of organizations. Thorough many discussions

were made about risk management none of them I read considered risk management as a

necessary part of the project management. Many discussions were made about the risk.

However, they are mostly about risk in general. Only the minimum of works considers the

risk in the construction projects. Therefore, this work is aimed on a specific project of

residential house and the handling of all risks the project might face in each phase of the

project life cycle. The used risk management techniques which have been considered in this

work are the mix of risk management techniques and strategies which are used in Anglo

Saxon countries and Czech Republic. The main aim of this work is to analyse relation and

extent of risks in each stage of project lifecycle so that we can achieve desirable results of the

project by defining and implementing management processes of project risk.


strategic management, project lifecycle, risk management, project management,

risk management plan

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