The aim of this paper is  to discuss simulation analysis and decision making criteria in studies of regional development based on systematic sampling of random numbers generated by a spreadsheet using multiple simulations to identify regarding the most advantageous areas to develop investment models within a certain region. For this, the region will be simulated within a matrix and the analysis is carried out by making an initial investment in one of the cells and observing the advantageous results that the investment brings in that point to the entire region during 8  systematic periods. The graphs show results of investing in a specific area of a region and the influence of that investment across the region, growth over time and most important the analysis of the differences of growth over time where it can be seen the associated risk.

Key words:   Simulation, Regional development, Random numbers, Decision criteria. 


Jméno a příjmení autora včetně titulů: Ing. Omar Gonzalo Ruíz Santamaría

Adresa: Czech Technical University in Prague

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E-mailová adresa: santamaria.omar.gonz.ruiz@fsv.cvut.cz


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